50 Things To Do Before I Die

Go to India. Learn how to play the recorder. Take my kids to visit my hometown. Sing more. Be more creative with my hands. What do these things have in common? Me!   In the early 1990’s I read an article about making a list: 50 things to do before I die. I had never […]

Conscious Creation

I sometimes wonder about the world my grandchildren will be inheriting. What natural resources will they have, how will they live, what will be the state of world economics etc. I can easily slide into a state of anxiety about this, however I realized that this feeling is based on the assumption that nothing new […]

Being Before Doing

Desire is the fuel that moves us to action. Desire is at work when we plant bulbs in the fall – we desire to experience beauty in the spring time. When a farmer plants tomatoes – he or she is desiring …tomatoes.  You may have heard or read that we want to avoid desire, that […]

Sharing the Darkness

Last month I traveled with a group of Vietnam veterans, families of vets, and those devoted to the healing work of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The two-week journey brought us to areas where these men served; where they fought and lived in the hell of war. Standing on the same ground 42 years later, one […]

We Got Rhythm!

There is a lot of talk of seeking balance in our lives. We talk about the fact that we are working too much. Or perhaps we are spending too much time alone. Too much thinking, not enough heart. We may be looking for the places in our lives where we are out of balance. We […]