Book Review: Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is a book about forgiveness of course, and a system of therapy that bridges the psychological and the spiritual. “Science and Spirituality have come together at last, with scientists becoming modern day mystics,” says Colin Tipping, the author. He says that Radical Forgiveness is spiritual law at work. This book‘s message is mainly […]

Book Review: Shortcut to a Miracle

SHORTCUT to a MIRACLEHow To Change Your Consciousness And Transform Your LifeBy Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann ArrotJeffers Press ISBN 13:978-0-9745776-8-5 A Miracle: a series of natural events occurring in the right sequence and at the right time, to produce wonderful results. "Anytime your life, my life, or the life of someone we know […]

Book Review: You Are Enough

By David J. Walker ISBN 978-0-87516-826-5 This is a book about self-perception, self-talk and affirmative thinking. David Walker is another voice added to a swelling shout, to wake us from our slumber of "old” thinking. Old thinking is believing that we have limited control in a fickle world, but if we figure out what the […]

Book Review: Happier Than God

HAPPIER THAN GODTurn Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary ExperienceBy Neale Donald WalschISBN 978-1-57174-576-7 HCISBN 978-57174-580-4 PB Happier than God? A title that I couldn’t really take seriously! How can anyone or anything be more than something that is All That Is? Neale Donald Walsch, author of several New Thought books, including the CwG series, is […]

Book Review: Your Soul’s Assignment

This book may very well be of interest to you if you’ve heard about the "new spirituality” or "new thought” philosophy and spiritual path, but don’t quite understand what it teaches, or you understand the principles of Life, but are not sure of how to apply them in your practical daily experience. It’s also a […]