Listening to Our Hearts

“Well, Wendy,” I’m asked, “Okay then, I believe that it’s true that my children are helping me learn my lessons by mirroring the belief systems that don’t serve my higher purpose…But, Wendy- how am I supposed to know the difference- the difference between when they are ‘teaching’ me, and when I am supposed to be […]

Children’s Meditation

Hello parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone interested. An active imagination in children is important for them to grow up healthy, so that they know they have control over their world, and are not victims. Let’s support their imaginations, and encourage them to shine, so that they know that they can use this inner power anytime […]

A Message for the Children

Our families need us to love ourselves so that we may be free to love others. The time has come for everybody to join hands and hearts and send love to all the corners of the globe. This love is needed to help heal the fear in people’s hearts. This fear prevents people from living […]