Autoimmune Diseases

At the risk of stirring up the sting of a hornets’ nest by bringing up this topic, I ask: Why should one’s body suddenly begin attacking itself? Could there be a reason for our pain outside of the typically diagnosed "autoimmune diseases”? Do you really believe our Creator did such a lousy job in creating us?

Our Immune system did not attack us 50 years ago. It does not do it in remote areas of the world where people are not exposed to the "blessings” of processed, de-natured, dead foods providing very few nutrients and making our bodies acidic.

Why do people who start using a potency-, purity-, and authenticity-assured product of the goji berry recover from Lupus, Crohn’s and Fibromyalgia? The goji berry may very well be the most nutritionally dense food on earth and one of the strongest alkalisers.

Today, mass-produced foods do not contain enough nutrients to keep our cells healthy. A German study shows the reduced nutritional content from mass-produced foods from 1985 to 1996. They measured Calcium, Magnesium, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Potassium in 8 different plants. Every single plant had a deficit. The lowest deficit was Minus 12% and the highest deficit was Minus 92%! It is not hard to imagine the impact on our health.

90% of all Europeans are undernourished (see statistics at on the left under ‘other articles’). New research links all the common symptoms of adult onset, type 2 sugar diabetes mellitus to multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies! Ron Friedman, MD, USA explains that "We experience a form of starvation because of the lack of nutrients.”

What does the body do when it desperately lacks nutrients for proper functioning? The first response is to crave sweets, carbohydrates, and coffee to obtain the needed energy. This is not good because it makes our bodies acidic; we gain weight and become sick.

Only an alkaline body can be healthy. Our body fluids and tissues need to have an alkaline PH level of 7.4. Under PH 5.3 (acidic), the body is not able to absorb vitamins and minerals, and at PH 6.4 (still acidic) the body will begin to absorb nutrients.

In my opinion, in an acidic state, the body takes the needed nutrients directly from the muscles and tissues. Today it takes it out of our arm muscles and tomorrow out of our leg muscles … and that causes aching pain.

Dr. Bob Martin once said that Fibromyalgia is

the end-state of adrenal exhaustion. Constant stress causes the adrenal glands to work overtime, which causes acidity and robs us of nutrients. Without proper nutrient absorption, we become tired and the adrenal glands are asked to work overtime.

A similar process causes Osteoporosis. When the body is in an acidic state, it takes Calcium out of the bones in order to achieve a healthy alkaline PH of 7.4. Calcium is alkaline and will balance the body’s PH level.

Stress, medication, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, meat, most fish, dairy products, biscuits and stored grains all cause acidity. Vegetables and fruits are in general alkaline also dried apricots, raisins, figs, dates, almonds, molasses and goji.

Auto-Immune diseases occur, according to Dr. Marc Cochran, after the body has been acidic for an extended period of time. There is, in my opinion, only one way to overcome Auto-immune diseases and that is to eat whole natural alkaline foods with high life energy that give the body the needed nutrition, life energy and alkaline level it requires to be healthy and happy.

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Anna-Christine Doehring is a Certified Practitioner. She owns Energy All Around Therapies and has clients in Canada, USA, Spain, and Germany. She can be reached at 250-756-2235 or via email: