Befriending the Day

"It is more difficult to spend a day well than to write a book."(Tadeusz Rozewicz)

One commonality we all share today is that everyone woke up this morning with the same gift freely offered to us – a day!! A day to live. To experience. To co-create. To partake in. What could be more precious than that?I read something a few years ago that imbedded itself in my mental data bank. In a nutshell it said, "You can tell a lot about who a person is, or where they’re at in life, by watching how they spend the first hour of the day." I’ve found in my own experience, and by observing others, that there is a great deal of truth to that statement. How I choose to devote that first hour invariably dictates the tone and vibration that will colour my experience that day.

Jesus taught a wonderful parable about the wise person who built their house upon a solid foundation that was able to withstand the winds and storms. He contrasted this with the foolish person who builds their house on a sand foundation and it collapses at the first sign of calamity. By making the time, and focusing my energies into using that first hour to constructing my inner foundation, I find I am much more able to travel through my day without getting pulled from my center being. And, when I do sense myself getting pulled away from it, I find it much easier to pause, breathe and re-connect if that original foundation is already in place.

In contrast, when I’m jolted out of bed by the alarm clock, rushed to meet a time deadline and out the door in a flurry of last minute activity, chances are, better than not, the day is going to have a Helter Skelter feel to it. My perception of life on those days is like a radio station that you just can’t quite tune in. Or like a fuzzy TV station. There is a definite lack of clarity in everything from my communication, to my intuition, to my intention setting, right down to my thought processes.I find it beneficial to ask myself exactly why I’m leaving my house each day. Am I "reporting for duty", so to speak and making myself available to Spirit for service, or am I out to further the interests of "Brad". On a perfect day, they’re in alignment. However, I’ve noticed how closely I need to "pay attention" in order to co-create that union – nasty little ego issues and all.

The way we live our day reflects how we live our lives and who we are as we live those lives. There’s a great line in the movie, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, where the wise, older, teacher Socrates says to the young, brash Newman, who’s sloppily chowing down his food, "The difference between us…, is you practice gymnastics. I practice life." John O’Donohue, in his soul touching book of Celtic wisdom entitled, Anam Cara, writes, "A day is precious because each day is essentially a microcosm of your life. To engage with honour the full possibility of your life, is to engage in a worthy way the full possibility of your new day."Each day is a new beginning. A collection of moments that form our experience of life. It is wise to begin it with kindness and make friends with it. Then we can reap the gifts each day has to offer.

Ki-chi Manitou, MeegwitchBrad Hercina