Being Before Doing

Desire is the fuel that moves us to action. Desire is at work when we plant bulbs in the fall – we desire to experience beauty in the spring time. When a farmer plants tomatoes – he or she is desiring …tomatoes. 

You may have heard or read that we want to avoid desire, that it causes suffering. Desire itself is not the cause of suffering. Where we stumble is in our wanting to know when the tomatoes will appear, how many, how big. And when they do not appear in the shape, form or numbers that we want, we are disappointed or unhappy. The desire itself did not cause these feelings. The desire was an honest one – to grow food. Our attachment to the results and outcome is what trips us up.

Where does our desire end and our attachment begin? The answer lies within. Check in with your heart. Keep in touch with how you are feeling. Rarely does pure desire cause us unhappiness. Struggling or disappointment is a clue that we have ventured into the territory of attachment.

What do we do when we have a desire that is longing for expression? How do we bring it into manifestation? We are an action oriented culture. We hurry into projects, we run around, busily doing, doing, doing. Upon reflection we may remember some of our actions brought us no lasting results at all and at other times the results were productive and fulfilling. 

Why the difference? What happens is we often skip a fundamental step in the process and we think that the first step is to make a ‘to do’ list. We get out paper, write down our ideas, our questions. Perhaps we want to build a garden shed. Do we need a permit? How big will it be? What materials are we going to use? Who will build it? How much will it cost? And on and on and on.

There is nothing wrong with a ‘to do’ list – go ahead and make it. It does fulfill a purpose. The purpose is to empty the mind of all the stuff that’s running around in there. And an empty mind is perfect for the step that comes before we do any of the things on our ‘to do’ list.

Begin with the ‘being’ instead of the ‘doing’. How is it we wish to ‘be’ as we undertake this project? What is the inner guiding light that is going to shine on our path? What are the qualities we want to be holding in our hearts as we begin this journey? What in my heart wants to express? What state of ‘being’ are we going to embody as we move through the ‘doing’? 

Starting with the ‘being’ is an invitation to Divine Wisdom to participate in the creation process. It is setting an inner intention that is going to be our compass and companion as we proceed.

It makes no difference if we are building a tool shed or starting a business. When we have our intention in place we will always have the compass that will swing us around and point us in the direction of fulfillment. When we are in touch with our heart we will be able to easily discern the next step. We will know what to leave behind. When we run into bumps along the way our foundation will hold us steady. 

For success and fulfillment, empty your mind, get in touch with your heart-wisdom, set your intention and then take action.


Vicki Vanderhorst is Spiritual Mentor of North Island Unity and a grateful inhabitant of the planet earth.