Beyond Exercise – Physical Activity and Lifestyle Wellness

Polls and studies in the Campbell River community have shown that many people forfeit participating in physical activity due to a lack of time. It is no surprise as we truly do have full and busy lives with full-time jobs and families to care for. However, it is unfortunate that people have chosen to compromise their quality of life by not choosing to make time for physical activity. It is very important that we look at our choices in life and consider making changes to improve upon our wellbeing and health. The change is not just a scheduling change but a change in perception of what activity is and can be and how positively it can enrich our lives.

Engaging in physical activity involves more than increasing your physical health. There are hundreds of statistics about physical activity protecting against chronic disease and obesity. There are also growing concerns with the health of our youth and heavy strains on our health care system. However, let’s look beyond those issues and consider how else we benefit from being active and how we can incorporate activity into our everyday lives.

Physical activity provides an opportunity to develop and nurture family and friend relationships. Many people mistakenly choose to think of exercise as a chore, whereas, it can easily be tweaked to become a highly enjoyable and relaxing part of the day. The value and potential growth for building family relationships and instilling healthy practices in your children by being active together is of unmatched benefit. Nurturing friendships and adult family relationships by combining social situations with walking or playing tennis is also of great value and it is an opportunity to be motivated by others as well.

Physical activity also has perfect potential to connect us to the land and provide us with the opportunity to appreciate natural beauty. The region we live in is phenomenal and the more we get to know our earth and this environment, the stronger we are connected to nature. The natural environment nurtures us and we are provided with settings which inspire us to relax and be who we are without the noise of daily demands and schedules (as long as you leave the cell phone at home!)

To find the time and ways to fit physical activity into daily life, creativity is often necessary. Instead of sitting in a coffee shop with your friend, take it to go and enjoy a walk together. Instead of sitting and watching your kids practice, go for a walk or go to the gym. Take your family to a new park or walking trail each week to explore more of the Campbell River area. Walk or bike to work, or if you drive, park a further distance from work to increase the walking distance. The ideas and opportunities are endless.

Being physically active and meeting the recommended levels of activity does not sentence you to boring, sweaty exercise routines. Physical activity can be varied. Try looking closely at what activity really is and how you can welcome it into your life in positive and rewarding ways. We all know life is short, so make it fun, share it with those you care for, and take care of yourself as best you can.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas of great, enjoyable activities or have questions about what is happening in the community, please email Kris Johnson; Active Campbell River Coordinator at or check the soon to be launched website of

Kris Johnson is an Active Campbell River Committee member and is working to help get Campbell River more active. She loves to be outside as much as possible and is often found cycling, hiking, kayaking, gardening and skiing.