Book Review: A Reasonable Life

A Reasonable Life… Toward a simpler, secure, more humane existence” by Ferenc Maté, ISBN 0-920256-30-9

How did life become so complicated? How is it that in a few short decades we have become so disconnected with what is really important? – our relationships with our families, friends and our connection with nature. We have come to assme that how our western society currently operates is “normal”: rushing, fastfood, spending the vast majority of our waking hours working to pay for bills and toys we really don’t need, taking anti-depressants, giving our children to other people to raise, putting our kids on drugs to make them more easily conrollable. At the end of the day, we have come to expect that being too exhausted to spend quality time with those who really matter is simply the cost of living.
This book paints an inspiring, practical vision for how we can make changes in our lives to escape the proverbial rat-race and bring us back… to sanity.
Maté weaves his humour throughout, making the reality of our “modern society” a little more palatable.
Are you tired of running so hard and fast on the hamster wheel, only to go round and round and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere? Do you wonder and ask yourself, “Is is this really how it is?”. If so, then you are ready for this book. For me, it affirmed many things that I thought and felt and had talked about with friends and family. Moreover, it gave me the encouragement and strength to continue on a path of more conscious choice, whereby I decide how I want to live my life and how I want to spend my time, energy and money in a way that feels good in my heart.

Nicole Shaw is publisher of Synergy Magazine, co-owner of Compassion Farm, board member of the Bowen Road Farmers’ Market and board member of the Nanaimo Women’s Business Network