Book Review: Radical Forgiveness

Radical Forgiveness is a book about forgiveness of course, and a system of therapy that bridges the psychological and the spiritual. “Science and Spirituality have come together at last, with scientists becoming modern day mystics,” says Colin Tipping, the author. He says that Radical Forgiveness is spiritual law at work.

This book‘s message is mainly about breaking free of the victim archetype that has held such power over us for centuries. It is about our collective mission to transform the way we think about the experiences of our lives. The author boldly suggests that forgiveness is more about suspending judgment on any situation or people: assuming that  all events and circumstances of our lives are divinely choreographed, rather than random and fair or unfair. This notion of forgiveness does seem radical, indeed, but makes sense on several levels, resonating truth…. at least for me. 

The time has come, if we are to move comfortably into the energy of a new Global Consciousness, to change our thinking about many things, including the concept of forgiveness.  What we have understood as forgiveness for centuries, is a condescending pardoning of someone for doing something “wrong”, that has affected us in a negative way. The author calls this “mock forgiveness.” Mock forgiveness has its benefits, but it is time for us to go beyond the experience of victimhood. He warns that if we do not do so, “we will stay hopelessly addicted to our ’woundedness’ and to the victim archetype.”

The author talks about cause and effect, the mechanisms of the ego, attraction and resonance, reincarnation, the evolution of consciousness, transitions, projecting illusion, suppression and repression of emotion, Divine Order, relationships, emotions, surrender, immortality, and many other aspects of living partly in the Human World, and partly in the world of Divine Order.

It all sounds so complex and tedious, right? It’s not though. Tipping does a masterful job of making it all understandable and recognizable. In the shifting sands of a changing time, this is the guidebook to solid ground. 

Identifying and correcting worn-out assumptions is the key to our freedom; a freedom that is facilitated by the tools that the author provides in this work. This freedom is crucial to the advancement of humankind.  It’s all made fairly simple, effective and “do-able.”

Caroline Myss has said of this work, “I love this book.”  I’m with her.

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