Book Review: Shortcut to a Miracle

How To Change Your Consciousness And Transform Your Life
By Michael C. Rann & Elizabeth Rann Arrot
Jeffers Press ISBN 13:978-0-9745776-8-5

A Miracle: a series of natural events occurring in the right sequence and at the right time, to produce wonderful results.

"Anytime your life, my life, or the life of someone we know changes dramatically for the better through unexpected channels or circumstances, it’s an example of a miracle.”

Rann & Rann Arrott

Authored by a dynamic duo who are writing as one, this book is one of the best works that I have read on the subject of manifesting lives worth living! It is lauded by some of the most forward thinking people in the world, and I can understand why. It’s a seamless presentation on "How To Change Your Consciousness And Transform Your Life.”

This book functions well as a supplement to great works by others, but it absolutely stands on its own, as an effective guide and source for creating and living the "good life.”

Learning of the Universe’s hidden laws and how to work with them, we come to understand that our minds are the key to our miracles.

Who knew that miracles could be drawn out of the depths of mysticism, to manifest in our mundane, everyday lives by the use of our own creative minds working with universal laws? The process may be challenging for many of us, because releasing old limiting beliefs isn’t always easy, but it is simple and very effective.

In "Shortcut to a Miracle” the authors have combined a basic understanding of human consciousness with simplified quantum physics so well, that the average reader can make sense of the material. If we use the book as the authors intend it to be used, it could be looking pretty well read and dog-eared shabby by the time we are finished with it.

The material is so comprehensible and "usable,” that they developed an accompanying Teacher’s Manual and Student’s Guide for use as a full 8-week course, which is offered in Campbell River.

If you desire to create small or large miracles in your career, job, family, life opportunities, financial status or personal relationships, or are an optimistic skeptic, questioning the validity of deliberate miracle making, this book could be of interest to you.

I will go out on a limb here, to state that I think this book is a "miracle!”