Book Review: Spirit Is Calling, A Daily Journal

"Spirit Is Calling, A Daily Journal” by Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen

ISBN 0-974226-1-4

I have just laid my pen down from writing in my daily journal, Spirit Is Calling. As I do every morning after closing the book, I run my palm gently over the smooth, glossy surface of the attractive cover. To me, this beauty suggests both simplicity and serenity.

Journaling is a wonderful, effective tool for our mental and spiritual growth. Spirit Is Calling is not a journal like so many others – a collection of mainly blank pages used to accommodate one’s musings, or solve problems, or outline ideas. Such journals are fine when we feel we have enough time to spend with them and are in the right frame of mind to use them.

In Spirit Is Calling, authors Michaels and Viljoen advise us: "Even if you can’t retire to a mountaintop or spend hours a day in devotional practice, you can spend a few minutes of every day with the straightforward and insightful ideas you’ll find in Spirit is Calling. This interactive journal will become an important guide for self-inquiry, personal reflection, and spiritual growth throughout the year. Daily, you’ll encounter thoughtful and specific exercises, along with revolutionary ideas to stimulate your thinking. At the end of the year, you’ll have a record of your spiritual growth that you will refer to for years to come.”

This journal is a well organized, interactive guide to unearthing, clarifying and organizing your personal spiritual truths. There is one dated page for each day of the year and the days of the week are not printed on them. This means that the journal is good for any year, and it isn’t necessary to start at the beginning of a year. On each page there is a pertinent, inspirational daily quote about life, written by ‘thinkers’ of ancient and current times. And there is a lined space under the heading "Notes,” inviting you to jot down your own thoughts and insights regarding the subject. On many mornings, my entry is an affirmation for me to work with, a way of setting the tone and intention for my day.

The journal’s author bio describes Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen as two good friends leading professional, dedicated, interesting and adventurous lives as the Spiritual Directors of their respective Spiritual Centres. Through their journal, Spirit is Calling, they invite you to activate your spirituality, and to consciously begin your own spiritual adventure.