Book Review: The Path Of The Dreamhealer (The Quantum World Of Energy Healing)

by Adam, Viking Press  ISBN 978-0670064489

Unless you have read anything else recently about quantum physics, such as “the Elegant Universe” by Brian Green, you may think that the book, “The Path of the Dreamhealer” is a fictitious script disinterred from Rod Serling’s old TV show files, The Twilght Zone. But Canada’s singing icon and 1958 proclaimed, King of Rock-a- Billy, Ronnie Hawkins, would vehemently disagree with you.

dream-healer-book-cover  Ronnie, “The Hawk” performed a fabulous concert several months ago locally and when he sang his signature tune, Forty Days, he may have been thinking that only a couple of years ago, doctors did not even give him forty days to live. 

  What made the difference between life and death for Ronnie? It was a phone call at that time, from a high school student in British Columbia, who exclaimed that he could cure Ronnie of his inoperable and cancerous pancreatic tumor.

  This miraculous phone call was from a young man named Adam. He cured Ronnie from a distance of 3,000 miles and over a time lapse of 6 months with about sixty intense phone conversations. Adam is a healer. He is gifted with the ability to cure from a distance by concentrating on a picture of the ill person. His phenomenal insight looks at one’s aura or outside body energy; but amazingly, Adam can holographically look inside the body to identify the physical problem, rather like a human MRI. Electromagnetic frequency interference has a powerful impact and effect on our wellness and health. Their frequencies constantly bombard our auras and bodies and certainly should be of concern. High voltage power lines, cell phones and a variety of electrical currents in everyday life negatively affect our health as well as negative attitudes and poor  lifestyle choices.

  If a person’s emotions and attitudes are in positive equilibrium, then that patient uses specific visualization techniques and affirmations in a partnering process with Adam for a successful team effect.  In this wonderful book, Adam succinctly explains the 8 simple Steps of Emotional Freedom and clearly tells you How to Pack for a Healing Journey. 

  Adam insists that he is not unique. “Everyone is in control of their health”.


– Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut 

  The media blitz after Ronnie’s cure, had an unexpected effect…many people discovered that they also have healing abilities.  

  This exciting book is a must read. Ronnie Hawkins would certainly urge you to obtain it within “Forty Days”. 


Linda Thorn is a Therapist, Charity Event Planner, Educator and Writer who is interested in living a “green life” with a global and universal perspective.