Book Review: The Ringing Cedar Series (Anastasia)

Photo from Ringing Cedars Website

“The Ringing Cedars Series” by Vladimir Megré, published by Ringing Cedars Press 2008.

Written in an almost fairy-tale style, the first book in the “Ringing Cedars Series” called, Anastasia, brings to light our technocratic, human attachment to the very things that prevent consciousness.

  I found the author – an impatient, arrogant, angry, violent man – to be incredibly unlikeable. So much so that I barely made it through the first book in the series. I wondered, “if the character ‘Anastasia’ is real, why would she waste time with such a person?” It eventually dawned on me that by reaching this one person with a Sprit-of-Entitlement attitude, she has brought to light that dark, unconscious part that is present in all of us. The book is a micro recreation of the macro: how we as societies are treating the planet; how our citizens have become individualistic and self-absorbed; how we, collectively, are not making the connection between our words, feelings and actions and how they effect all our relationships with each other and every living thing.

  I’m glad that I kept reading because in the series of 9 books, Anastasia shares her views on love, home, child rearing, happiness, restoring the planet and much more.

  It turns out that those readers who garden will find they have a special place in Anastasia’s heart; and that they play a major role in transitioning our societies’ collective consciousness to a new way of being. The tale is an exploration of our disconnect and how to begin to take real steps in our individual lives to creating the world we want.

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