Book Review – The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

by Joyce Swarz, Collins Design  ISBN 978-0-06-195638-6

Last fall, I created some vision boards for various aspects of my life. It just seemed too cluttered and busy to add everything to one board. (When I say “board, I mean coloured cardstock measuring 8-1/2 x 11 inches or larger.) I focused on home, self-care, travel and work life among others. I was interested to see that Joyce Swarz also includes various approaches to the vision board including relationships, gratitude, wealth, well-being, weight loss and even your favourite social cause.

book-visionboard  If you’re not sure what a vision board is, think about cutting out pictures and words from magazines and placing them on a large sheet of paper. (You can also add photos, beads, ribbons, and stickers and choose to create a vision journal rather than single sheets.) The images you collect are to help you focus on your dreams and goals. Swarz describes the vision board as “an essential law of attraction tool.”

  The vision board is a “group-focused activity,” Swarz points out. In fact there are now counselors certified to lead such groups. “Visioning” is part of the group process in which participants tune into Spirit’s vision for their lives. (Swartz credits Michael Bernard Beckwith as the originator of the visioning process.) As part of a group, you can receive insight from “a circle of like-minded supporters.”

  Swartz has put her “own spin on the sequence”: “Ask, Believe, and Receive.” Her formula suggests Gratitude; Release and Receive; Acknowledge and Ask; Be and Believe; and Share. I like the actions but not the acronym: GRABS! I really appreciate the spiritual aspect of visioning and vision boards but have never thought they are about grabbing or amassing money. 

  A vision statement is something else that Swarz suggests and she has included an activity to help you write your own.  All sorts of vision boards have been collected as examples to give you inspiration. I do believe they are a heart-centered pastime and a powerful tool.


Mary Ann Moore is a freelance writer, poet and circle facilitator living in Nanaimo.