Book Review: Through Time into Healing

Books for an Inner Journey- THROUGH TIME INTO HEALING by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Fireside Books, Simon and Schuster

Psychiatry can cure emotional problems stemming from one’s youth using hypnosis. Dr. Brian Weiss has become world renown because he allows his patients to help cure themselves of both emotional and physical pain by using hypnosis to enter into past lives.

Dr. Weiss was extremely skeptical the first time a hypnotized patient spoke of a past life. He waited for years to "go public” for fear of castigation from peers and friends, only to be amazed that many of his medical colleagues were documenting patient past lives too. In his research, Dr. Weiss discovered that reincarnation was originally in the Bible until AD 325 when it was omitted and purgatory was added. In AD 553, reincarnation was made a heresy for greater control by the Christian Roman Emperor. Today, Orthodox Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sufi Islamists, Gnostics and spiritual enthusiasts recognize reincarnation. The repression of past life belief is political not religious, it seems.

In reincarnation, a person’s energy frequencies transform at death to the next life on the other side (discarnate). Upon free will, we choose to reincarnate to earth again in a chosen gender, era and location. The soul is immortal.

Past life regression for healing is very therapeutic but all hypnotists are not trained in PLR. Certainly, your ethical principles can never be violated in hypnosis because your subconscious mind is always in control and forever works for your highest good. So the cartoons of hypnosis causing someone to quack like a duck are debunked notions when true knowledge prevails.

PLR allows for immediate inner wisdom of growth into peace, harmony, love, compassion and awareness. We release all fears and learn forgiveness of ourselves and others. It is exciting and enlightening to "meet yourself” in a past life and discover how to improve this one through the power of past life regression.