Book Review: Transform Your Life through Handwriting

“Transform Your Life through Handwriting” (two CDs, guidebook, blank journal, 26 cards)

by Vimala Rodgers, ISBN 978-1-59179-715-9

“Writing patterns are a graphic image of how your subconscious mind interprets the world and your place in it. As you adopt new letter shapes, you are telling your mind how to think – for perhaps the first time in your life,” says Vimala Rodgers. She has developed alphabetical patterns based on the “sacred technology of the ages.” 

  With an interest in handwriting from early childhood, Rodgers has studied Latin, Sanskrit, history, philosophy, and psychology while holding a vision of a career for herself that involves “the transformational power of the letters.” 

  “Each stroke of the pen makes a statement – not about who you are, but about who you say you are, i.e., your self-image,” she writes.

  I’ve just pulled a card from the Transform Your Life through Handwriting card deck, and asked: “What attitude do I need to bring into my life today?” The letter card I chose is U for open-mindedness. The declaration of intent on the card reads: “I listen to others as though I know nothing.” 

  The guidebook offers me further information on the “soul quality” of the letter U. Each letter of the alphabet is also described with an element, gender, gemstone, animal and guardian protector. 

  Besides choosing a letter of the day, Rodgers advises practicing a letter for 40 days, the formation of which she describes in the guidebook and on the CDs. I love Rodgers’ voice as it’s so down-to-earth and practical. She sounds very comfortable and well-versed in the vision she is sharing with the world.

  I’ve chosen to work with the letter of my first name for 40 days: M. The letter M is “the matriarch of the Family of Honoring and Expressing.” All this practicing is done with a pen on unlined paper in the landscape direction as “the portrait direction is common; your dreams are not.”

  I’m finding the practice meditative and spiritual. While practicing a page of letters, I also get to declare my intent, review the aspects of a particular letter and fill a page with how I see “the aspects of this letter impacting [my] life in an uplifting way.” As Rodgers says: “Now watch your life unfold.”  Vimala Rodgers has done it and inspires others to express their gifts in the world, to “make a difference doing what you love.”


Mary Ann Moore is a freelance writer, poet and circle facilitator living in Nanaimo.