Book Review: You Are Enough

By David J. Walker

ISBN 978-0-87516-826-5

This is a book about self-perception, self-talk and affirmative thinking.

David Walker is another voice added to a swelling shout, to wake us from our slumber of "old” thinking. Old thinking is believing that we have limited control in a fickle world, but if we figure out what the rules are, and follow them, we may be happy and successful.

Old thinking is believing that if we can stay on the good side of a capricious Sky God, follow the rules of a church or movement, that it will hopefully keep us out of the "hot seat”, or perhaps earn us a pass through the pearly gates.

It is also believing when a "special” person, enters one’s life to complete them, joy, and fulfillment will be theirs.

Dr. Walker says that beyond food and shelter, a human’s greatest need is to matter. He tells us that we already do matter, and do not have to grow, prove ourselves, win awards, accomplish goals, or have the right career to be good enough. If we accomplish nothing in our life, we are still worth the ticket to get here. In simple, straight talk, he says to stop trying to become enough, that we already are enough because we exist; we are part of a perfect Whole, and at a deeper level, we know it. He reminds us that who and what we are is more important then what we do.

He writes that to more easily understand who we really, it helps to clarify who we are not. E.g., we are not:

Our bodies,

Our thoughts

Our feelings

Our experiences

Our jobs

Our accomplishments

Neither do our perceived mistakes, faults or weaknesses define who we are. We’re not flawed, and never have been. Only our perception of ourselves can be flawed. In truth, we are always greater than what we know, have and do.

Understanding this, out of our enough-ness, we can move ahead with great jobs, loving relationships, etc., taking pride in our accomplishments, having fun and growing, by adding to who we are, and not trying to be complete.

Dr. David Walker stresses the creative power of our self-talk, and the necessity of changing it if it not serving us, and most of the time, it isn’t. At the end of each chapter are affirmations for constructive self-talk.

Very short chapters make the book perfect for picking up often, reading randomly. One can read a chapter at bedtime, at the breakfast table, in the bathroom or sitting with a cup of tea.

Although a small book, Dr. Walker has packed 30 years of experience and teaching into its 147 pages

To discover more about the author, Google Dr. David J. Walker. He’s at the top of the web list.