Book Review: Your Soul’s Assignment

This book may very well be of interest to you if you’ve heard about the "new spirituality” or "new thought” philosophy and spiritual path, but don’t quite understand what it teaches, or you understand the principles of Life, but are not sure of how to apply them in your practical daily experience. It’s also a wonderfully affirming book for those who have been students of metaphysical principles for a long time.

This is a serendipitous gift, if you have been hoping that "out there somewhere,” is a ‘handbook for conscious living,’ that says: "here’s what is really important; here’s what Life wants from you, and how you can give it, in your own unique way.” It is a book about love, transformation, and the discovery of the real you!

Chris Michaels interprets the Universal Laws that govern our lives into clear, easy-to-understand and follow, guidelines, for living a happy, fulfilling life, with love as the main theme. He gives practical instruction on how to recognize and free ourselves of indoctrinated, conditioned ideas that we have accepted and lived out, for a very long time, and to embrace a new way of understanding and experiencing our spirituality.

Chris’ speaking, and writing style, is uncomplicated and direct, but his deceptively simple jargon imparts profoundly important information. His is a clear voice, among many, urging us to awaken to, and be part of, an unprecedented shift in human consciousness. He agrees with many other spiritual teachers, that it is time for the new spirituality to emerge, to evolve us to a higher level of awareness. In Your Soul’s Assignment, he tells us how we can practically and lovingly rise to the occasion; to answer the call.

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