Call a Genius

Would you like to spend more time doing what you love and using your natural gifts? I call this your “genius zone”. A wise coach and friend, Helen Daniels, once told me her secret to spending more time in her genius zone: drop, delegate or develop. The three Ds.

  The Three Ds principle suggests that any area of your life that isn’t your genius zone would be best either dropped entirely, delegated to a genius, or developed into an area of genius. When I heard about this, I immediately got excited. I couldn’t wait to try it out in my daily living.

  Then, life happened! A year ago my partner and I ended our relationship. It felt to me like life had done the tablecloth trick, pulling my foundation out from under me. This life-falling-apart-at-my-feet event enhanced my experience of genius. I knew that my healing process would draw directly on the power of genius.

  I hired my friend Erin to spend an afternoon at my apartment, not knowing what exactly she would do. I knew that she was a genius at turning messy situations into simple, organized beauty.  She seemed like the perfect person to call into my corner.

  Erin and I walked through the apartment, taking stock. Many of the belongings that made it feel like home had been removed. Everywhere I looked the space reflected back: “a tornado has just been through here.” I left Erin with the task of re-organizing the bedroom closet. I then went out to do other things, knowing that part of the power of delegation is letting go.

  I arrived home to a new apartment. The air felt quiet and settled. When I entered the bedroom, I gasped: it was beautiful! She had re-arranged all of the furniture, built a soothing altar in one corner and created a new sitting area. The clothing closet was elegantly organized in a way that made sense and that I would be able to maintain. I immediately felt a shift in my body. 

  I called more and more such people into my corner. My do-it-yourself persona yielded to the softer recognition that I am supported. Now, a year later, I find that the more I delegate, the more geniuses show up and shine in my life.

   The moral of this story isn’t to wait until your life-foundation is shaken to enjoy the support of geniuses around you. Whether or not life has pulled the tablecloth trick on you, now is the perfect time to put on your “genius lenses” and see the people around you in that light. Experiencing others in their genius is transformative, powerful and fun. Not only that, but delegating to a genius will save you time and energy from doing things that frustrate you. So call a genius into your corner – they are ready and waiting to shine! 

  (Oh…and by the way, the break-up story has a happy ending. I recently bought my first home on the beach and am enjoying life with my love, Steve.)


Karen McMullen guides professional women from burn-out to accessing their innate brilliance. She lives on Vancouver Island.