Cancer and Nutrition

Cancer. When one hears that they have cancer, it can be very scary!

For good reason! First, there are many theories (ie: parasites, viruses, bacterial, injury, yeast, fungi, inflammation, broken/mutated DNA) for which billions of dollars have been spent proving or disproving. Second, are many possible cures (ie: surgery, cytotoxic therapies of chemo, radiation, and drugs). Despite all we have accomplished, it is still one of the top killers.

It would then be beneficial to consider some supportive and/or preventative measures. Ralph W. Moss, of the Moss Report, says most survivors are independent thinkers, who "think outside the box". Doctors sometimes call them "problem patients". They and/or their loved ones research their options and seek expert guidance in putting together a winning battle plan. In many cases, these people avoid pain and disfigurement, improve their quality of life, build up their bodies and their immune system, and have lived long beyond their doctors’ expectations.

For years, Nature’s Sunshine (a company I support) and natural health courses I have taken have taught that Four Pillars are necessary to support us in all aspects of health. They are: Emotions, Exercise, Diet and Supplements. They are important with every aspect of health and disease, not just cancer. Yet many times they are not considered nor discussed.

Dealing with emotions is very important. Stress is part of life. Dealing with stress effectively is entirely different. This involves decreasing stress whenever possible and learning to manage what can’t be avoided. Get calm! Pray! Meditate! Think about what changes you may need or want to make in your life. Then educate yourself about: changing the way you think; cancer; treatment options.

This includes exercise. Three 20 minute periods of exercise that you enjoy per week, is recommended. It is important to start with something– today! Make sure you breathe deeply – it helps clean your lungs, calm your mind. If one is incapacitated with cancer, any movement that helps to move the lymph is recommended – massage is one idea.

Next is diet. One thing experts in the field of nutrition agree on is our average diet called ‘SAD’ (Standard American Diet) leaves something to be desired. It is generally lacking in the necessary vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and enzymes needed for good health.

For everyone, but especially those dealing with cancer, consider a diet that includes 6 – 10 servings of fresh vegetables and fruit, 1- 2 servings of complex carbohydrates and 1-2 servings of protein. This will help to obtain much of the nutrients needed to keep us healthy, build our immune systems, and fight toxins.

Rarely do you find these nutrients in bread or flour products, packaged or canned foods, fast or fried foods, sweets, snacks, sugar, coffee, or alcohol.

It is also important to make sure you drink enough healthy liquids to aid with digestion, elimination and metabolic functions. Juicing can offer concentrated intake of the nutrients, but caution must be taken to avoid insufficient fiber and too much sugar. NS liquid Chlorophyll added to water helps build the blood, contains all the nutrients of alfalfa, has no sugar or calories and tastes great!

Last but not least is supplementation. Supplements are needed at the best of times due to: how we grow and process our foods; our eating habits; stress we are under. With additional stress of illness, our bodies need extra nutrients to perform optimally. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti…. supplements help to do just that. Interestingly enough, in cultures around the world, where there is a "folk herbal remedy” for cancer, it usually contains one of the anti… properties, or a combination. Science is beginning to provide the chemical proof for these remedies that have been in existence for hundreds and thousands of years.

There are many supplements that can be beneficial. An overall nutrient (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) and an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory product, like Zambroza, is easy to take and enhances your overall plan of dealing with cancer. Find a qualified person to help formalize a plan as it can be over-welming and you could double buy supplements that have similar results.

Please remember no matter your situation, there is much help and real hope out there. Choose your path wisely.

Robin Reid is a health, nutrition, and herb coach and educator. She can be reached at 250-754-9250 or by visiting