Campbell River Search and Rescue

I don’t know a whole lot about Search and Rescue, but I do know that there is a group of dedicated and skilled volunteers who do a great service, both for people who want to recreate in their wilderness environment, and for those whose jobs require them to expose themselves regularly, to the unpredictable elements […]

A Tale of Empowerment

A Tale of Empowerment: A community meets the challenge of the Alternative Approval Process Upon reading the Cable Bay rezoning application to the City of Nanaimo, I immediately knew we would need a model of the proposed development. Most people can imagine 100 houses, but almost no one can visualise 1990 residential units. This project […]

Financial Wellness

Who is going to buy your home? Every successful business needs an exit strategy for the owner, whether it is selling the business, passing it to the next generation or selling off the assets. Individuals also need a strategy to exit the workforce. They need financial resources for retirement which could come from a company […]

Modern Society and It’s Costs

I give thanks daily for my many blessings, including all the benefits that I derive from living in a technologically advanced society. Yet, there are costs (not always evident) that come with the territory. I’m talking about the unseen, systemic dynamics that pervade our lives in our daily struggles to ‘keep up.’ Firstly, there is […]

Straw Homes

Construction is booming on the Island, and energy demands are increasing. While we lounge in our monster-sized, energy-sucking homes, more than 50 percent of the world’s population live in homes built from basic earthen materials. However, earthen homes are not necessarily a sign of poverty. In fact, these time-tested construction methods are slowly finding a […]