Marketing for Small Business

Every year, we spend money on advertising our business to gain exposure and awareness. We are contacted by numerous sources explaining why their marketing program will help us the most, how it will get us more business and pay for itself. For some, every year money is spent on advertising in the wrong places. Over […]

Financial Wellness

Mortgage insurance – some thoughts Chris and I have been married for 35 years in August. We traveled around for seven years then settled down in Newfoundland and bought our first home. The bank offered us mortgage life insurance along with the mortgage. It did not seem expensive and we thought it was a good […]

How Good is Your Safety Net?

Whether you are union hall, executive or business owner, if you get injured, become sick or die there is a need for cash. In the event of an injury and some sicknesses, you need to replace your income while you cannot work. Employment insurance, WCB, short and long-term disability insurance will help here. Union hall […]