Curing Activism

I’ve been eagerly slurping up the urban homesteading movement for years. Over this time my obsession with DIY has taken me on a circuitous route toward food security and has led me to question the role of activism in my life. My most radical accomplishments wouldn’t exactly shock my neighbours: my former partner and I […]

Can You Make the World a Better Place?

According to Al & Marjorie Stewart, the answer is YES… What does the word activist mean today? The predictable definition is of someone who protests, carries placards and challenges authority in an effort to bring about social change. But the idea of activist is not quite that straightforward anymore; it’s far more diverse than ever […]

The Writer In Me

Rain falls hard enough to crater the sheets of water that blanket the intersection of Nichol and Esplanade. The wind blows leaves and twigs into the mix and winter begins its inevitable tug on the thermometer. Standing inside the warm reception area of the Salvation Army’s New Hope Centre, I look out at the dismal […]