“Without refrigeration, modern life would be impossible!”

The fridge is a household amenity that we rarely consider removing from our lives; it is a useful appliance for storing the goods of consumerism, but it perpetuates a cold food-chain system contrary to sustainability, and its use of harsh and toxic chemicals for cooling is questionable at best. Improving the way we ship, export, […]

Shifting Into Light

Breathing slowly, eyes closed, I sit and listen. Ancient words from a foreign tongue flow over me; the gentle resonance of bells soaks my ears, moving above and around me, and then stops. Cradling my head, a strong breath blows into the crown of my head, sending a flash of energy through me. I gasp […]

Becoming a Writer

So you’re a writer—or want to be, anyway. There you are, writing away in secret, terrified that you’re probably deluding yourself. Your family and friends say nice things about your work—but they’re just saying that and anyway, what do they know? Somehow—how?—you have to work up the courage to show your fledgling work to someone […]

A Lantzville Couple’s Fight for the Right to Grow Food

“You have 90 days to cease all agricultural activity…” read the letter from the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), on behalf of the District of Lantzville. “Your property is zoned Residential 1, which allows residential use and Home Based Business only.” With the subsequent public outcry and media storm across Canada, we’ve witnessed how important […]