Right Now I Am

Right now I’m experiencing the peace that comes from acceptance of what is – and that peace sure took its time. Usually easygoing, carefree and content – well, don’t check with my husband – today I felt  infused with low-grade anxiety, impatience, boredom, feeling uneasy and not knowing why, being perfectionistic, feeling tired and finding […]

Looking Back to Move Forward

Humans are very social beings. For thousands of years they have lived cooperatively in groups. Granted, part of this behaviour was simply for survival; but it is also very natural for humans to live interdependently. Before the industrial revolution, before the advent of the automobile and flying, people travelled and migrated much less than they […]

The Forgotten Ones

If you can afford to have a family and a home… a job… a car… kids in extra-curricular activities… no one cares if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. So what if you are so sad and anxious that you seriously believe that dying would be easier? But you do get up. […]

Why Feminism?

Feminism (Part 2) – Why? [Part One in this series, which focuses on defining feminism and hears from mothers on the topic, is available online: www.synergymag.ca/what-is-feminism]. Our society values what are generally known as “masculine” traits, such as single-minded determination, aggressiveness, a take-charge attitude, decisiveness and competitiveness which are viewed as symbols of strength. Throughout […]

Walk vs. Talk

I attended a showing at the IMAX theatre in Victoria about the Hubble telescope recently. It concluded with a view of earth from space while making the point that in all the unimaginable expanse of all the universes combined, there is no more idyllic place for us to be. There is no other place where […]