Healthy News For Coffee Drinkers

Believe it or not, coffee has a healthy new image. Recent studies show that coffee, for years considered objectionable to your health, may actually provide health benefits for a variety of conditions. What happened? Newer and better research involving large studies over an extended time period has washed away the validity of older studies identifying […]

Active Wisdom In Aging Bodies

The fastest growing age-group coming to yoga is mid forties to sixties. Perhaps that is because Iyengar teaches yoga that anyone can do. Maybe you’ve had luck but are now facing the effects of a stiff and aging body and the attendant discomforts. In any case we hear, over and over, “I used to be able to ________” (fill in the blank). Indeed. […]

Staying Fit

In trying to think up simple answers to questions like “How do I increase my fitness?”, or “How do I get fit in the first place?”, I boiled it down to 4 points: Novelty, Intensity, Consistency, and Enjoyment (NICE!) You need to keep doing new things, work out at a challenging intensity, exercise regularly over […]