50 Shades of Green: Responsible Investing

As consumers, we have significant power in creating sustainable change in the way we use our money. The most common way is by the choices we make during our regular purchases like food, household goods, vehicles and others. I would define these as direct expenditures. But, we also have an opportunity to encourage sustainable change […]

Compassion Farm Update: July 2013

After almost three years of standing our ground, with the majority of the community of Lantzville backing us, for the right to grow food (including for sale), we have decided to sell our home and two and half acres and leave Lantzville. The campaign of ‘selective enforcement’ against us, and the $80,000 to $100,000 spent […]

Colliery Dams – Democracy?

Frequently I hear that politicians are trusted about as much as used car salespeople. Politics can be so dirty! Yes, democracy is a messy business—especially when it’s actually practised. Which is why the decision to remove the beloved Colliery Dams could be seen as the worst example of democracy, or the best. The mess began […]