‘Confession is a stripping away of protection, the telling of a truth which might once have seemed like a humiliation, become suddenly a gateway, an entrance to solid ground; even a first step home. To confess is to free oneself, not only by admitting a sin or an omission, but to profess a deeper allegiance, […]

To Accept Freedom

To Accept Freedom Nowhere to hide, everywhere to grow, and in this moment: ability to accept freedom. Freedom as surrender: To love, to loss, to forgiveness, to joy Freedom as willingness: To weep, to laugh, to celebrate, to embrace one’s self and others Freedom as openness: To spontaneity, to collaboration, to curiosity, to playfulness and […]

Stringing Beads

I see my life’s journey measured in a strand of beads, 19 chunky one-inch beads, Flintstone style! Right now, my strand holds 18 beads. I am about to add the nineteenth bead after which I plan to add a firm and sturdy clasp. Each bead represents a home. The strand began in Toronto, moved to […]