Staying Balanced

It’s not easy to maintain personal balance in times like these; perhaps it never has been. It’s hard sometimes to maintain a positive outlook on life, to care for our children, to continue to be vigilant about self-care and to be there for others, while at the same time keeping global issues like climate change […]

More Than a Job

What do you love to do? This is a question that I always asked when I facilitated workshops in career decision making. There were always people who disliked that question. Others were challenged and excited by it. But I was always confident that it was possible to make money doing what you love. So I […]

Pet Peeves

I am an indifferent pet person. Oh, not the kind that would mistreat an animal or ignore its needs, just someone who doesn’t love to have pets around. They’re there, I’m here; we mutually respect each other’s territory and I don’t even have to lift my leg. I’ve watched many a neighbour and even a […]

Love Actually

Love can be a many splendid thing can’t deny the joy it brings, dozen roses, diamond rings dreams for sale and fairy tales. Kelly Clarkson – Trouble with Love is I am sitting at a holiday resort watching other couples. One guy just threw his arms up in the air, rolling his eyes as he […]