Vitamin "L"

I could never have imagined the day when an internationally recognized scientist and award-winning author would say the following: "LOVE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NUTRITION”. Of course, there is a specific context to this statement, but as we approach St.Valentine’s Day, it seems an appropriate message to share. I heard that statement a couple of […]

Mind & Body Health

Do you believe in love at first sight? If you do, what do you think causes this phenomenon? I just want to throw a theory out there for your perusal and consideration. Sometimes we meet people with whom we connect with deeply within an instant. Such as the moment our eyes meet or hands touch. […]

Harmonic Ripples

My father was a musician back in the nineteen forties and fifties during the big band era. The instrument he played was a five-string stand up bass that was taller than he was. I remember, as a little kid, listening to him softly hum the bass harmony to radio music on Sunday mornings. It’s one […]

Just in Case…

"The house of my youth was non-denominational” I commented to my friends one summer evening as we sat chatting about theology and pondering the ideas and theories surrounding fate and planning. "I’m not sure I have too many pre-conceived notions on the subject” I continued. The questions that we had been throwing around were ‘Can […]