Focus Pocus

My wife and I used to have a lot of good mountain biking near where we lived. One of the trails that we regularly rode had a narrow traverse along a steep side hill. Both she, and some other people we knew, remarked that they found that section quite scary and had trouble staying on […]

Doing, Not Doing & Un-Doing

There’s an old story about Henry Ford, the originator of the assembly line, hiring an efficiency expert. After a thorough inspection of his plant, the expert reported back to Mr. Ford to review his findings. As the story goes, the expert said, "Mr. Ford your plant is most efficient, and I could find only a […]

Shifting Gears

Too bad that feet up on the couch, channel surfing, doesn’t really count as rest. After all, it’s my reward for having survived all the responsibilities of my day. The truth is that by then I am drained. And I have accepted that this routine will help me replenish for the next day. If it […]