A Path of Joy

“A Joyful Buddha explores Silence, taking nothing seriously.” Are you serious? Are you frowning right now? Turn your frown upside down. If you want to have joy in your life, you need stop being so serious. Despite what you may have heard, there is no other way around this. If you want freedom, there is […]

Blame, Finding Fault and Innocence

In a yoga class more than 2 years ago, while in a deep variation of parsvottanasana, a forward bending pose that takes trunk to forward leg, a student felt the tell-tale tweak of a hamstring injury. Yikes! Immediately I found myself both responding to the pain and likely weeks of rehab as well as the […]

Dandelion Energy: Connecting with Your Creativity

Everyday we share our lives with plants and use them to nourish and heal our physical bodies. When we consciously connect with the energies of these plants, we are able to integrate their wisdom into other aspects of our lives. Dandelion is a wonderful example. She bursts onto the scene with an abundance of spirit […]

Letting Go and Finding Grace

Menopause is teaching me about the benefits of disengaging. I’m not talking about disappearing, but more about learning how to engage with more of the real me. Or so my older women friends tell me. It’s brand new territory for me. An engaging, some say magnetic quality to my personality has taken a lead role […]

Savasana; The Corpse Pose

A friend and fellow yoga practitioner was enjoying a run along the beach in Southern California. She noticed a billboard inviting viewers to come to a yoga class. The sign said No Savasana! No Chanting! Anyone who came to class could be assured that they would not have to pause after the asana class to […]