Life from the Inside Out

When I began to meditate I had the hope that I could explore some of the inner workings of my mind and find something of interest there. After all; meditation is simple, right? Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Inner attention can dissolve in an instant when we are worried, upset, angry or distracted. During the course of a single day, […]

Connecting With One Another

Life has its ups and downs. Certainly some of us experience them more than others. They can be small (getting over a cold, receiving a note of appreciation) or large (being laid off or recovering from cancer) and everything in between. Neuro-scientists have discovered unless we are able to feel ‘negative’ emotions our ability to […]

Books for Body, Mind, Soul

The Chinese Year of the Serpent begins on the new moon of February 9, 2013. As the serpent is a symbol of healing and rebirth, it’s an ideal time to benefit from the transformative aspects of various ‘medicines.’ Laughter, it’s been said, is one of the best. Nanaimo’s Judy Millar writes and performs funny librarian […]

Tell It Like It Is…

In his autobiography, My Experiments With Truth, Mahatma Gandhi narrates his experience with eating meat, smoking, drinking, stealing and subsequent atonement. Later, in his reformed adult life (he wrote the book in his early 20’s), he gave himself the challenge to practice absolute truthfulness about these behaviours and much else. Have you ever tried that? How […]