Change of Pace: The Art of Manifestation

Has this happened to you? You think about something you desire, and suddenly you have it. That’s the power of attraction and I’ve been experiencing this consistently.

The Law of Attraction is all around us. Let me tell you a story to illustrate this fact.

Last year, I hired a woman in California to help me redesign my website. She was voted one of the top information marketers in the world and although my finances were tight, I knew my message was important and I needed to ‘play big.’ I also joined her online Mastermind group and was exposed to incredible people.

She had a law of attraction guest called David Neagle and he talked about his Just Believe program. This highly successful woman challenged David because she wanted a dream home on the beach. Since she lived in Los Angeles and real estate is at a premium, she asked David how she could afford a four or five million dollar place.

His reply was, "How do you know the house will cost that? That’s just your paradigm.” She replied, "Yah, something incredible could happen.”

In the meantime, David showed her how to manifest her dream home.

Six weeks later, this woman attended an open house to view an estate. It was old and overpriced and as she left to go home, she literally ran into a man and started talking to him. He owned a house further down the beach and was selling it for less. She bought his beautiful home for a modest price.

I couldn’t whip out my credit card fast enough for David’s Just believe program.

Soon, my dream of being a certified business coach materialized. Within a month, I found an intensive six-month course to do at home, one teacher was a coach I hired a few months earlier to help me build products. Some course material mentioned the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which I read a few weeks earlier and the course study articles were by mentors I hired earlier this year. Everything was connected.

How does the Law of Attraction work? Simply put, whatever you think about and dwell on expands in your life – good or bad.

If you think, feel and act in harmony with an idea, the idea will manifest itself in your life. And, you must realize you are part of the universe and must be in harmony with yourself – you can’t dream of an idea and then contradict your thoughts.

Suppose you want a new sports car. Just thinking about a new car won’t make it happen. If this was the case, all random thoughts would make your life chaotic. You must take the thought (which is only a wish at this point) and be in harmony with the idea by getting emotionally connected with the wish.

How? If it’s a new sports car you want, visit a dealership, have a salesman or friend take a photograph of you in the car and clip the picture to a menu card and record the date you want to have that car.

For example, ‘it’s December 20th, 2006 and I’m so happy and grateful that I have a new red 2007 Ford Mustang convertible. I love feeling the wind on my face and hearing the sound of this powerful engine.’

Next, place the card on your bedside table and study it frequently. Pretend you already own the car (like you used to pretend when you were little). How do you feel? Your unconscious mind (the powerhouse and autopilot in your life) will look for ways to complete this goal.

Try this idea with something simple and see what happens – manifest your dream today.