We all struggle with change on a daily basis. It’s our innate ability to cope with change that has enabled our ancestors to survive … so that we can read this article at this moment. 

Our ancestors knew how to deal with change, but the amount of change that is happening in our lives is increasing exponentially. Every morning we open our eyes to brave the world, which is not the same as it was when we went to bed. 

On our shoulders rests the great responsibility to change, with the thought of undoing the world as we have experienced it, and rebuilding it with new innovative ways of being. The process of doing this sounds enormous and overwhelming, yet the reality is it can be done quietly and peacefully unless you choose to struggle.

When we look into the concept of change, we must first realize a very important aspect of the world we live in as we deal with all other beings. This is the fact that we cannot expect others to change; the only true method of influencing the world around us is to change ourselves.

When we hear this type of logic, quite often our instinctive response is something along the lines of “Oh, that won’t work”. The truth is if our habitual pattern is, for instance, to be angry when someone criticizes our work, we can never expect them to stop, because when we expect outside results, we are giving away our power to influence change.

We need to change our own behavior, to be mindful of how we respond to outside influence and return that energy back to the person with a positive effect as opposed to a negative one. Now in a perfect world there would be no negative influence being projected onto us, but let’s be honest. We were born with a responsibility in this lifetime and that responsibility is choice.

We are all vibrating, resonating and giving off energy that everyone around us picks up on whether they are aware of it or not. If we are to change what we give back, to alchemize the received negativity and transmute it into something beautiful to put back out into the world, we will need to be conscious of when we are receiving these negative influences. We can do so by hearing the alarms that go off in our body: anger, irritation, frustration, pride. These are the elements of our negativity that get our attention in order to become aware of  our hidden subconscious patterns that were originally made with the intent to protect ourselves.

Unfortunately most of these patterns were created when we were children dealing with a seemingly hostile world of conflicting human egoism. So it would seem that as soon as we recognize our patterns and make the choice to live consciously, the world around us will change towards the positive.

Let’s change the world. All we have to do is change ourselves.


Grant Guindon is a new resident to B.C. currently living outside Vancouver. He is currently enrolled in a shamanic apprenticeship and seeks to influence the world in a positive way by being of service. He has an affinity for nature and quite often finds himself wandering the paths to bring back their abundant gifts and wisdom.