Changing What You Look For

The conscious mind for most humans is often running a continuous program of negative expectation, expecting and anticipating undesired outcomes in the daily experiences of human life. It’s habituated to look and troubleshoot for problems. The running theme of the conscious mind is “what if it goes wrong” or “what if it doesn’t work out for me” or “what if I fail” or “what am I going to do when this problem comes up later” and so on. Such thought streams are a manifestation of the inherent insecurity of egoic focus – the conditioned perception of physical focus that says you are an isolated inadequate individual having to go through this great big obstacle course of a life all by yourself. It’s that “me against the world” or “I’m all alone in what I want to be or do in this world” pattern of thinking you adopt or inherit that has you naturally expecting and projecting moments of disappointment, dissatisfaction and un-fulfillment. 

  Pay attention to the thoughts your mind loads as you emerge into waking consciousness. What is the balance of your thinking from moment to moment in a given day? Do your thoughts anticipate fulfillment? Are your thoughts generating a feeling of excitement as you look ahead into your days, weeks and years? Do you expect and believe that the whole of life in this very instant is conspiring on your behalf to shower you with blessings and miracles of all flavors? Do you wake up thinking “what if something amazing happens today”? Do you live and experience your days in a perpetual state of positive expectation? Are you excited to be alive in this world?

  One of the practices you can take up as you go on about your daily life, is deliberately changing this common running theme of negative expectation and negative future projection. You can change how and what you look for in your day to day life through consistent practice. Instead of looking for negative outcomes and focusing on “where things are going wrong,” you can consciously and deliberately choose to focus on where things are going right and train yourself into residing in a mindset of continual positive expectation. Positive expectation is the foundation of a fulfilling life. And positive expectation, like all other attitudes of human experience, is a practiced state of mind that leads you into “right action”.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right” – Henry Ford

  You are Unconditionally Supported by this vibrational field you experience as your world, your personal reality. This space-time playground will not contradict you, it will not contradict your expectations and projections. If you consistently expect to find support or assistance, if you consistently expect to thrive, succeed and find fulfillment with every step you take in this reality, you will find continual validation on your path.

  You can change what you expect and you can change the attitude you project ahead into your moments. How and what you think is entirely in your hands at all times. No one else is thinking your thoughts for you. You are the sole owner of all that you think, feel, and perceive moment after moment. The first step you ever make in this reality is with your thoughts. The first movement you engage in is through your thoughts. When you look ahead at what this moment or this day or this week or this year or lifetime can bring, how much of your projection and expectation is positive? How much of your projection is of the “everything always works out for me” and “the Universe wants to shower me with blessings” variety?

  You are unconditionally supported in the type of moments you make manifest as your personal reality. And as your expectations, anticipations, projections are all within your control, you can directly work within yourself to shift the kind of thoughts (and so the kind of energy) that are emanating from you moment to moment. You can change the electromagnetic grid you activate all around your being. And such an internal change, such a shift in thought and energetic emanation, is the basis for a miraculous life experience.

“Expect more than other’s think is possible” – Cadet Maxim

  Understand that the very next breath you take can take you into a Universe of unimaginable fulfillment. Your fulfillment is that immediately accessible to you. This space-time playground is that ready to reveal to you just how loved, how miraculous and how divine you truly are. There is an endless stream of pure adoration circling you in every moment. You need only let it in by choosing the thoughts that take you in the direction of your dreams, your desired experiences and releasing those that block you from it. When you change what you look for and expect moment after moment, the experiences and manifestations that come to greet you also change. In changing the way your mind focuses, you change your world of experiences. 


Explorer. Lover. Traveler. Writer. Speaker. Awakener. Creator. Coach. She currently lives on Vancouver Island.