Children’s Meditation

Hello parents, grandparents, teachers, or anyone interested. An active imagination in children is important for them to grow up healthy, so that they know they have control over their world, and are not victims. Let’s support their imaginations, and encourage them to shine, so that they know that they can use this inner power anytime they desire. I’ve written some "closed-eyes” stories for children to aid them on these inner journeys they love to go on. So, with your help, instead of a regular story today, how about taking them into one? Please read slowly. Thanks.

Close your eyes. Feel your body relax. Feel your toes. Tell them to relax. That’s right. They’ll do whatever you tell them to do. Cool, isn’t it? Your mind is a wonderful tool to help you along this journey we call life. So, let’s keep going. Feel your legs, your knees; tell them to relax. Now move up your body: your bottom, your hips, your stomach, and your chest. All down your arms. Tell your shoulders, your arms and your fingers to relax. That’s right. Excellent. Now tell your face: your neck, your ears, your jaw, your mouth, nose and eyes. Yes. Relaxed. Fantastic.

Now just listen and enjoy. We are going on a wonderful journey, and you can make it feel as real as you desire. It is up to you.

See yourself lying on a beach with the sun shining down on you. You feel warm, and cozy, and comfortable. Not too hot – there’s a gentle breeze blowing off the water keeping you feeling wonderful. And as you lay there, with your eyes closed, you start to feel lighter and lighter. And then, you realize you’re floating. Up, up above the beach you float. You flip over to observe your surroundings. Imagine what you wish. Take it all in. Isn’t it amazing, seeing everything from this viewpoint?

As you stretch out your arms and fly away, wave at the people, if any, you left behind. You’ll be back later. They feel safe, knowing that it is always OK to see someone leave, because when someone travels somewhere it is for their own good and enjoyment. So, the people smile back at you and wave. They know you are safe and can trust you on your journey.

Whoosh. Off you go: over trees, over mountains, over houses. You pick where you are flying. Is there a special place you want to go? Go there now. That’s it. Oh, I see, that’s why you wanted to come here. OK. Feel the feeling. Feel the all-encompassing feeling of this place and imagine your whole body turns red as you continue to observe and feel as you do. Wonderful. Bright, glowing red from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Wonderful. Take a moment and feel, sense, imagine or see that which you desire. (Reader pauses for a moment)

Great. Now, see that path over there? Go to it. That’s right. Follow it. Aha. See that? Maybe. Or maybe you’ll hear it, or sense it, or know it. There it is. The most beautiful, roaring, majestic waterfall you’ve ever seen.

The mist it gives off creates a rainbow, from the bottom of the waterfall, out into the sky. Go to the red ray high up in the sky at its highest point. Now sit down and slide down towards the water. Slide yourself down, down the rainbow. Wheeee – and you gently land in the pot of gold. See how anything can feel how you choose? The coins are soft and warm, and surrounding you with a feeling of love and joy. You pick one up. You’re so pleased to realize the landing was in your control; you made it feel however you desired.

You jump out of the pot, holding the coin in you hand, and the flow of the waterfall rushes over you. It feels so good – so refreshing – as it pours over your head. The water runs down your face, down your body, everywhere. Rushing, flowing, cleansing, and energizing: all at the same time. As it washes away all the negative feelings in your body – down, down and away, you start to feel clean, refreshed and lighter again. So light, in fact, that you glow.

Step out of the water and feel the cool green grass under your feet. Wonderful. Now, imagine yourself standing there for a while with all the light in your body flowing down to the earth. Flowing down, down, down. Now see the light come back the other way. See light coming up from the earth into your body. There you go. Excellent.

Now, when you’re ready, stretch out your arms and fly back to the beach. But, before you lay back down, take that coin in your hand – give it a throw – into the water – make a wish. Kersplash. Great. Now you feel good knowing all is well.

As you lay back down, you sink into the beach, feeling safe, secure and grounded. You know you are loved, as the people, if any, look on towards you. They smile, pleased that you are happy, knowing that it is wonderful that you spend time with yourself – taking care of yourself in a way that is important. You are pleased too; to know that you can go on this journey anytime you desire – you just need to imagine it. This knowledge makes you feel so great you decide to bring it back with you. So, when you are ready, open your eyes and return to the place you’re at – ready to enjoy the next part of your day.

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