Chill Out

Bliss Rider Jennifer Paige has been involved with CHLY since 2002. She recalls another student at Vancouver Island University stating that she could have her own show on the campus community radio station. Skeptical but intrigued, Paige and another student followed through and began a metal show that lasted almost three years. She progressed to a second show, All College Radio and a third, Illicit Styles before taking off a couple of years to raise two children.

Photo by Denisa Krausova

Paige describes herself at that time as ‘someone with her plate way too full’. In addition to completing credits towards a degree in fine arts, Paige was also an active member of the programming committee and sat on the Board of Directors. Now with three children and a new show, Paige has managed to create that fine balance between raising a family, following her passion and making some money.

Project Bliss is a one hour show that blends music with spoken word. Don’t be surprised to hear clips of Esther and Jerry Hicks, Deepak Chopra and Thich Nhat Hanh pieced together in a thoughtful way to create more of an impact. Although Paige aims to share fabulous music with positive messages, she is clear that the show isn’t hers; rather, it belongs to the community. Believing that ownership is often what divides people, Paige is open to incorporating more voices into the show and welcomes a co-host to share the experience.

Influenced by faith and trust, Paige refuses to stress about the show and firmly believes that it will all work out. Although she had originally hoped to have all of the shows pre-planned, she changed her approach and decided to let go of the worry and stress. Instead, she embraces gratitude and believes that something—and someone—will present itself.

If you have some room on your plate and a desire to shape your community, or just want to chill out, tune in to 101.7 FM on Tuesday nights from 8:00-9:00pm or get in touch with Paige through the station ( With a larger vision of getting involved with community issues such as cleaning up Dumont Mountain, Project Bliss is more than a radio show. And it’s waiting for you.

Alison Roberts is a volunteer writer for the Radio Malaspina Society.