Choosing Our Changes

There are times in our lives when we must close one chapter in order to begin another. Some times it is by choice and some times not. I’d rather choose. Trust me, it’s a lot less painful! I’ve come to believe that life will present us with opportunities to make the important changes we need to make, because if we don’t grow, we perish. It’s that simple. Our souls begin to feel stifled and our life force begins to fade….

The truth is that deep down we all know when it is time to make a change. Maybe you don’t have any logical reason to make a change, but if you pay attention, it feels like the right decision.This issue’s theme is about transitions. At close range, transitions are endings followed by beginnings, and the more consciously we can let go of the old, the more energy we will have to begin anew.

Most of us were not raised (and neither were most of our parents or grandparents) to take leaps of faith and simply follow a voice inside us that guides us forward, to more fulfillment and more of our true selves. Recently, however, I’ve heard from a number of clients and friends about significant changes they are making, not because they are running away from a place, job or relationship, but simply because it is time to move on.

They are being called.

Although this has been happening to human souls since the beginning of time, this calling phenomenon is a veritable epidemic! Indeed it seems to me that lately people are making major life changes in droves.

Following a calling defies logic, so it’s a challenging position to maintain in the face of other people’s ‘concerns’ (read ‘fears’). When done with grace, it is actually the path of least resistance. Sure, it requires oodles of courage, but if you can stay centered and open to the signs, it is not scary at all… in fact, quite the opposite is true in my experience. During periods of clarity and trust about the general direction I am headed in, I have felt a certain calm that overtakes me.

It is as if there is a larger life force willing to carry us like a river or a stream, leading towards that big blue ocean of life … if we will only allow it.

I am wondering whether we are now, at this stage of our evolution, listening more to these callings? Perhaps developing this skill is vital to the survival of our species…?

We can all turn into control freaks when we get scared. When I resist what my higher self is telling me to do, I REALLY suffer! Going with the flow requires a surrendering to the "Divine Plan” that some find impossible to do. You can tell when people try to control this greater flow, because by resisting they end up in pain and fear. Here we are once again back to the notion of Faith, which works like this:

If we can believe that the universe is basically good to us, that all will be well, then perhaps we can trust that in the big picture we are being lead to precisely and specifically what would make us happy.

So, what would we have to lose by allowing the next chapter to unfold, perhaps even with a little excitement, like watching a much anticipated movie, or a sunrise?!