Conscious Creation

I sometimes wonder about the world my grandchildren will be inheriting. What natural resources will they have, how will they live, what will be the state of world economics etc. I can easily slide into a state of anxiety about this, however I realized that this feeling is based on the assumption that nothing new is going to be discovered or invented. That is the same kind of thinking that caused Charles Duell, Director of the US Patent office in 1899 to say: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Everything that can be invented has not been invented. It didn’t stop in 1899, why would it stop now?

Creative imaginative people are working on their ideas right now – in all areas of life: medicine, the environment, resources, communication. Fortunately we are not dependent on a few being the only creative ones. 

If we want to watch creativity in action – just watch small children with finger-paint. They don’t have any hesitation, they do not stop to think – “I hope I do a good job.” They cover paper after paper. We put their creations on the fridge and praise them. And they keep creating until somewhere that confidence is lost. Perhaps as children we had experiences with creating something that either did not look the way we wanted, or that others made fun of, or that we were not happy with. And we decided – “I can’t do this” and we set our creativity aside.

However, the truth is, creativity is not something we can put aside. It’s not like saying – “I am not a good driver, so I am going to take the bus”, or “I am not good at baking, so I’ll buy goodies at the bakery.” 

We cannot give up our creativity, because the fact is – we are all creative beings and we are all creating all the time. Every moment of the day. And the scary part is that most of the time we are unaware that we are doing this. So our creations are unconscious, haphazard and not always producing the results we desire.

Right now, at this moment and each day, we are living the results of our past creative efforts. Because we create not only with our hands and bodies – we also create with our minds and with our thoughts. Our thoughts have power beyond our imagination. The power of thought linked with the power of the word is a mighty tool to change our experience of the world and to bring into manifestation what we desire. We affect our environment all the time with our thoughts and our actions.

So wouldn’t it be a good thing to recognize that we are creating all the time and to be more conscious of what we are doing, certainly be more careful with the power that we wield every moment of the day. We can use our power of creativity consciously and constructively, instead of absent mindedly or carelessly.

Conscious creation involves all aspects of our being, not just our minds. It is easy to fall into old patterns of creation and not really create anything new. Connecting first with our inner wisdom or higher self allows new insights and ideas to come to us. Every time we begin a new endeavour we can spend time in the Silence first. Align ourselves with the Source and then, in partnership, move forward. What happens when we connect ourselves with the source of infinite possibilities first? We transcend limitations, people, and current possibilities. 


Vicki Vanderhorst is a Licensed Unity Teacher and currently serving North Island Unity in Courtenay. She is a spiritual explorer and cultivates sacred ground for uncovering and discovering our spiritual greatness.