Creating a Sure Foundation

“Those individuals that are worth the name of being manly, or godly manly, are those that use the discouraging moments rather as the testing periods and make of them stepping-stones for that which may be accomplished in earnestness.

And remember, that which is to be constructive in the mental, the material or the spiritual life, must have its inception, its basis for its activities, in that which is true, pure, honest, sincere. Or, the body-mind, the mental forces, should feed more and more upon those things that are the builders”. ~ Edgar Cayce from reading 78-7.

Ironically, I don’t think he meant ‘manly’ in the macho sense at all…

Firstly, Cayce makes the point that we are given chances to grow from our trials. This is an acceptable paradigm to many of us nowadays. I’ll go further and say that if we don’t make this choice for growth, there is a chance we’ll not only miss an opportunity, but we might actually bury something valuable….

Cayce’s first point makes me think that lies and deception, conscious or not, to myself or to others, create disharmony in all aspects of my life, as well as disease in my body. Our thoughts, the messages that are sent to our subconscious, are creating, or building our ‘reality’.

If we meditate on this notion of thoughts as builders, then the implication becomes clear. Matter follows energy. Actually, matter is only concentrated energy. We feel it because we have brought it into a level of density (with our repeated thoughts) that can be felt by the senses. This energy becomes what we call the material world, which includes our physical bodies. Our thirty trillion cells take their lead from our most charged thoughts. Here, Cayce hints at a way to navigate the vast and overwhelming field of our thoughts:

He suggests being more earnest. More true. My most pure or godly self is in there at the core, underneath my masks and defenses. He implies that we need a drive for truth to carry us to this core. We must risk the pain of facing those places where we lie to ourselves. Yet, just as all plants grow towards the light, we all have a drive for truth and purity, if we want to access this drive. What could be more worthwhile than touching the Divine Will within us? Once tapped, it is an energy source that is limitless.

There is another human phenomenon that Edgar Cayce hints at here:

Sometimes, it’s our egos that create those ‘discouraging moments’. In other words, the laws of the universe (and other people) react negatively to our controlling behaviors. When we push, we’re blocking, resisting these laws. People don’t usually push back against who we really are (which is closer to the divine), they are reacting to our egos, even when we can’t see it. Even when we think we’re innocent. When we’re not being honest with ourselves, there is some protection going on because we’re attached to looking good. So, when we hit a hard place, we are momentarily humbled, softened, more earnest, and this is our chance to drop down below our armor to try to touch that deeper place of honesty.

We can build a more solid foundation by committing to being increasingly truthful. It will show up in our energy fields, in our relationships, in our bodies. The veils of deception can literally be cleared. If we really got this, we’d never choose to hurt ourselves physically. I’m still working on getting it. Some days are easier than others!

Catriona O’Curry is a consultant based in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Bob. They like to travel to Seattle, B.C. and Europe in the summers when Arizona becomes a furnace!