Creating Balance – Mind & Body Health

When we talk about having a balance in our life, most of us think of this as balance between job, family, recreation. I’d like you to think of balance of body, mind and spirit. In my life, it’s the work on the body that’s out of balance. I tend to not have any issues working on my mind or spirit as it’s within my body of expertise and what I’m passionate about. My body gets to be at the bottom of the heap. We are all very human – so give yourself permission not to be perfect and then get on with creating growth in whatever facet of your life that’s being left behind.

Maybe you exercise and meet nutritional requirements, but leave your mind and spirit out of balance, or you get a lot of mental stimulation and leave the body and spirit behind. We all have behaviors or habits we wish to change or improve and I must say when there is balance in your life, this is much more easily accomplished. I’m definitely not an expert in the body part of the equation. I suggest seeing someone that is, be it the nutritionist, physical trainer, naturopath etc. As a hypnotist, I believe that all three are connected and need to be implemented to achieve the best results. For example, I need to exercise more and eat right. To attain this goal I need to implement the power of my mind and the strength of my spirit.

In the past, I’ve struggled with this issue using only willpower. Well, we all know how good that works! If I don’t get my whole mind and spirit on side I fight myself continuously, but if I use all three it becomes much more of a natural progression. I have been on a soul’s journey these last few years and it may be time to now create balance in my life. Sometimes the pendulum must swing to both extremes before balance is sought or achieved. This doesn’t mean I need to leave the spiritual or mental journey behind, just that I need to add in the physical.

Look at your life as you would from the outside and see with clear eyes where you, as a human being, fit. Where is your life out of balance?

Maybe you need to start on a smaller basis and assess your life and decide what needs to be done as the highest priority. Is your health suffering? Do you feel peace in your life? Do you have a spiritual connection to self? Then start to improve the aspect of your life that needs it most, but make sure you do not leave the other two behind!

I’ve decided to work on the physical aspects of my life: my nutritional needs and exercise, but with self-hypnosis and meditation that will continue and make the aspect of my life that’s my lowest awareness come to a place of balance.