Creative Expression

I lecture and mentor on the Infinite Creative Expression. Often I ask people to submit an article to the Synergy Magazine and they come back to tell me they don’t know what to say or how to write. I am told they are waiting for the right feeling to come. Waiting? Waiting to be creative? This is an impossibility. We are creating every moment, every day of our lives and to make an expression anew, we just have to take that step and do it. Great courage is necessary.

I am writing this article as testimony to my position. I have no clue what I am going say but I promised myself to put the creative law into demonstration. I am just typing what comes to my mind. I have not studied or researched for this presentation. I am trusting in the unfoldment of the brilliance that wants to be known through me and shared with you right now.

I believe I am creative and Ralph Waldo Emerson backs this up in his essay on Self-Reliance. If you haven’t read it I recommend you do.

"Ah,” you say. "But you have researched.”

Nope, I am inspired. I thought Emerson was beyond my understanding. Truth is, he speaks on the true essence of every person. Emerson beckons us to observe within, the intelligence we possess. He proves that great minds have not brought evolution to the world by studying the thoughts and teachings of others, but rather they have honoured the inspiration within. This is where genius is. Not in the reiteration of history and facts.

I think University or College is all well and good. I have a degree and this is what I learned. I did best by re-creating what the professor wanted to hear. They were not interested in my original thought. Those of great minds have not come from the training in Universities. They have been inspired from within and had the courage to step forth and demonstrate their individualized calling. Many of them were thrown from such institutions. The great thinker Buckminster Fuller was expelled twice from Harvard.

I am asking you, what thought or dreams lie dormant in your inner most being? It is your inner most thought that I am waiting to hear. Teach me what you know, what you see. As you take a chance and make heard your inspiration, you become part of the evolution of the world as we know it.

We are all artists painting our creative day. We rise from the dream world and choose the part we wish to play, the dance moves and partners, the songs and stories.

I keep my fingers moving and trust there is yet more for me to share with you. I watch the word counter knowing I am approaching the limit set but I am not quite there. There must be more to reveal by means of me. Spirit has gifted me this moment to share with you and I am honoured to have your audience.

While riding the Quadra ferry over to Campbell River today I expressed my challenge with a dear friend. I confessed my desire to inspire the masses and my frustration with my apparent non-success. I comforted him in his own frustrations and took my words as advice for myself.

"All that we can truly know is deep within our souls. Contentment comes from the expression of our deepest convictions, our souls calling. We cannot predict the future outcome of our actions. We must walk forward into our dream regardless of the apparent reality. We must, or grow old wondering.”