Cryptic Crosswords: Solutions!

Here are the solutions for the Cryptic Crossword series by Ernie Esstell…

Crossword One


1. Advice (anagram). 4. Orc (contained). 7. Early (anag) 8. Star (cont.) 9. Skint (cont.) 12. Decaf (anag.) 15. Sore (reversal of Eros) 16. Tithe (cont.)  17. God (rev. of dog) 18. Brides (anag).


1. Avers (cont.) 2. Verdi (anag.) 3. Crypt (cont.) 5. Rwanda (anag.) 6. Issue (anag.) 10 Kimono (anag.) 11. Notes (anag.) 12. Deter (anag.) 13. cited (anag.) 14. Flees (anag.)


Crossword Two


6. Ethel (contained). 7. Raise (deletion). 9. Farming (charade). 10. Nip (deletion from parsnip). 11. Hood (homograph). 13. Cams (anagram). 16. Ewe (homophone). 17. Antenna (anag.). 19. Surge (homoph.). 20. Water (homogr.)


1. Leafs (anag.). 2. Charioteer (anag.). 3. Albi (anag.). 4. Tragic (anag.). 5. Deeps (reversal of speed). 8. Innominate (anag.). 12. Diaper (reversal of repaid). 14. Least (homoph.). 15. Fairs (homoph.).18. town (container).


Crossword Three


3. ears (lit. ref.); 7. welds (L for fifty in weds); 8. heels (homonym of heals); 9 impatiently (anag. of limit any pet); 11. Bikini (dictionary and lit. ref.); 12. satrap (container); 13. nerve centre (anag. of recent Verne); 15. Holst (deletion from Holstein); 16. senor (abbrev. s,e,n, combined with or); 17. sees (lit. ref.)


1. own (contained in Brown or how now); 2. elementarily (anag. of entirely male); agents (dict. def.) ;4. sheepishness (anag. of his hip senses); 5. teething ring (combination of three dict. def.); 6. assyrian (anag. of rainy ass); 10. absinthe (lisping pun on absence); 14. era (rev. contained in far east).


Crossword Four

Across 1. Amid (anag.); 3. Daybreak (cont.); 9. Ecology (anag.); 10. Expel (expert then replacement); 11. Inflammatory (anag.); 13. Inflow (cont.); 15. Satrap (anag.); 17. Identity card (anag.); 20. Aorta (replacement and deletion); 21. Premium (anag. and comb. – mum for mother); 22. Palinode (anag. Of pail and combined with literal); 23. RISC (initials).

Down – 1. Age limit (anag); 2. In-off (literal); 4.abysms (comb. A-by-s-ms); 5. Breathalyser (anag.); 6. Emperor (dic. Def.); 7. Kill (del. from skill); 8. Soda fountain (anag.); 12. Epidemic (repl. In academic); 14. Federal (comb – fe-der-al – anag. red and leaf); 16. Limpid (comb. Del. of lime – dip); 18. Alibi (lit. alibaba and repl.); 19. Gasp (anag).


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