Cycles within Cycles

The waxing and waning of the moon, the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides, the miracle of transformation that brings a beautiful butterfly out of its cocoon…each of these represents a cycle, and each is an example of Divine Perfection.

The numbers in your date of birth also represent Divine Perfection. As these numbers are examined and combined according to the ancient science of numerology, themes and issues emerge and re-emerge. We become aware of progressive patterns of energy that move us forward in terms of our personal growth and our soul’s evolution.

During our lives, we experience the cycles of several temporary vibrations. Some of these will be as brief as a personal year, month, or day, while other cycles will last much longer.

The three major cycles last at least 27 years each, and are determined by the numbers of the month, day, and year of your birth, in that order.

The major cycles are both subtle and pervasive. They bring about ongoing themes that support us as we work through our lessons in each of the three major periods of our life. The number of each cycle reveals the kind of influences, opportunities, and people that will be most important to us during that cycle. To use an analogy, this is the energy that sets the scene for your own unique stage play.

Your first cycle, also called the youth cycle, provides the frame for your early environment. The most important opportunities for growth, development, and education take place in this cycle, as well as important early relationships. It is determined by the month of birth.

Your second cycle, known as your power cycle, represents the productive period of your life. The formal education has usually been completed, and a career path has usually been chosen. The number of this cycle is determined by your day of birth. It will affect your career, as well as your social and artistic consciousness.

The third cycle, or wisdom cycle represents the final period of life when presumably direction has been found, responsibilities assumed, and contributions made to the world. We now realize the benefits of our growth through the first and second cycles. This cycle is indicated by combining the numbers in your year of birth.

Quite often, the major cycles reveal a fascinating progression of numbers. For example the major cycles indicated by the birth date March 15, 1953, would be 3, 6, and 9. They would take the individual through three progressive levels of love, beauty, and service to humanity.

An individual born on April 26, 1966, will progress through the cycles of 4, 8, and 22. This combination holds the promise of worldly success and abundance for those who are diligent and maintain a strong sense of personal integrity.

Sometimes the numbers remain the same for all three major cycles, indicating that there is important learning to be done or gifts to be shared in that area throughout the individual’s lifetime.

The numbers of individuals who share the same day, month, or year of birth would be staggering. There are vast cultural differences worldwide, and also vast differences from family to family within the same culture; however, people born in the same month or year or on the same day regardless of the month or year, will share some common personality traits and experiences.

Cycles uplift us. They contribute to our soul’s evolution just as they contribute to the evolution of humanity. Above all, cycles show us that all things endure and that all endings bring new beginnings.

Vikki MacKinnon is an international speaker and numerology expert with more than twenty five years experience. She presents workshops in Canada and Japan.