Dandelion Energy: Connecting with Your Creativity

Everyday we share our lives with plants and use them to nourish and heal our physical bodies. When we consciously connect with the energies of these plants, we are able to integrate their wisdom into other aspects of our lives.

Dandelion is a wonderful example. She bursts onto the scene with an abundance of spirit that quickly transforms any available green space into countless earthbound suns. From a suburban lawn to a crack in the sidewalk, she is there challenging us to rise up and claim our passion.

For all of her exuberance, no two leaves are the same. Dandelion seems to have harnessed the boundless power of the sun in her ability to recreate and express herself. Dandelion urges us to share our newly emerging selves and creative ideas with her trademark courage and joy, unattached to the outcome. This is not a time to strive for perfection. It is a time for surrender, for casting our seeds into the wind and seeing what grows.

Here are five joyful ways to infuse your life with the abundant energy of Dandelion and remove old patterns that may be blocking your creativity;

1) Play! There are few of us without a childhood memory of this simple plant. Reconnect with your playful nature and remember a time before you were told that words like artist, writer or dancer were only for certain people. Grab a box of crayons, jump in a puddle, or stop for a swing next time you pass a playground. The fearlessness of play and the simple joy of doing will get your creativity flowing.

2) Reclaim the power of your thoughts and words. Dandelion seeds hold firm until the right moment when the breath from a child’s wish can send them on a journey of a thousand miles. Our thoughts and words are the first ways our dreams are manifested. What seeds are you sowing today? Remember a worry is as good as a wish so reclaim this power. Replace limiting thoughts and doubts with a nourishing mantra such as ‘I have all the time, talent and support I need to (fill in the blank!)’.

3) Surround yourself with positive people. Dandelion is known as ‘teeth of the lion’ for the tooth-like shape of its leaves. Are you using your teeth to bite deeply into your passions? Or are you snapping at others? Criticism of yourself or others is a sure sign your creativity is being neglected. Refocus your energy into cultivating a fertile environment for the juicy parts of you. Create a ‘pride’ of like-minded people committed to the change you wish to see in yourselves and your communities. This could be a formal group or a simple gathering of friends supporting each other’s journey.

4) Meditate on Dandelion energy. Visualize Dandelion’s strong tap root attached to your tail bone, reaching down into the centre of the earth and grounding you in the present moment. Allow this root to gently draw away any negativity from within and around you. Create a large sun above your head and fill it with the blessings you want for your creative projects and for yourself: you may want to include joy, abundance, grace and ease. When your sun is full, pop it and feel the warmth of this energy flowing into every part of your body and your personal space.

5) Just Do it! This summer, whenever you see Dandelion, remember her message: ‘The world is waiting for your abundance of spirit, your greatness of heart—so just do it!’


Asha Croggon is an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner specializing in energy work, clairvoyant readings and spiritual herbalism.