Hippocrates, himself, the ancient Greek known as the founder of Western medicine, recommended fasting as a means for improving health. The word ’toxin’ has its roots in the Greek word Toxicon, which means poisons. Many cultures have used Colon Hydrotherapy, first recorded in 1500 B.C., as well as saunas that were introduced as far as back as 1112 B.C. For centuries, many indigenous

people have been using herbs as diuretics as a way to remove various toxins from their bodies.

Cleansing is generally thought of as a process of increased bowl elimination or colon cleansing and while it does include the colon it is a much more in-depth process of neutralizing toxins through various organs in our body. Other organs that attention must be paid to include the liver, the lungs, the

lymphatic system, the kidneys, the blood, and the skin. All these channels of elimination must work together in unity to detoxify our body.

Here are some tips for a better cleansing life style:

• Drink plenty of clean, purified water – half your body weight in ounces per day.

• Choose organic food products whenever possible.

• Avoid processed and packaged foods with food additives and artificial sugars.

• Eat plenty of fruits along with dark green, leafy vegetables or try juicing them.

• Avoid cooking with aluminium, copper, Teflon – coated cookware.

• Exercise regularly. Try a mini-trampoline for lymphatic circulation.

• Experience a sauna frequently (infared preferably).

• Choose natural household cleansing and personal care products.

• Most of all, perform cleansing and detoxification programs regularly.

There are any number of ways to cleanse the various organs, keeping in mind that

the actual cleanse phase should be followed by a rebuilding of healthy tissues. Other ways to enhance different detox programs are sweats, dry brushing of the skin to help purify and stimulate the lymphatic system as well as deep massage.

Acid forming foods are meats, milk products, and breads, baked goods, and refined sugar, carbohydrate products. These will all add to acidity and lead to more mucus production and congestion. The more alkaline foods (raw fruits, vegetables, nuts) one consumes enhances cleansing of our body and aids in any detox program. A deeper level of detox diet is made up of exclusively fresh fruit and vegetables, which supports purification. These programs keep fiber and water intake high and help with cleaning the colon. Most people find a raw diet is fulfilling and very high in energy and nutrition.

Everyone should consult their physician or holistic practitioner before making any major changes to their lifestyle.

I believe that our bodies have the ability to perform its own detox from midnight until noon each day, providing we give it what it requires to allow this function to happen. Fresh fruits, vegetables along with a raw digestible protein (hemp which is one of the highest in omega 3 & 6`s on the market today)

made into shakes to replace breakfast, and fruits only until noon. Have a wrap for lunch with sprouts, greens, veggies and hemp hearts (protein). Take digestive enzymes, probiotics and liquid minerals for supplementation. For dinner, have regular meals, following the food-combining guide rule and try to

follow the 80% raw – 20% cooked theory. Treat yourself by occasionally going out for dinner with


This has worked for me, I have lost 50 pounds, and my cholesterol is now back in an acceptable range from 7.2. I sleep more soundly and awake refreshed, with clarity of mind and an abundance of energy. I no longer have aches and pains and I feel better that I have in years.

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