Diet Change – Raw Food

Are you lacking energy, feeling bloated and overweight, can’t climb those stairs, don’t want to get out of bed in the morning? Is your body sluggish and weak and you are just not feeling the way you could be feeling?

Did you know that your body is what you eat? Yes, it’s true that your body mirrors the nutrition, or lack of it, in its performance every day.

Do you need to change what you are eating every day? Think about it. Are you a fast food junkie, a grab and gulp goon, a no-notice naïve that just eats what you find in front of you? Any of these types of eating habits are not giving the body the nutrition it needs to work and are only succeeding in clogging the body up. Notice the increase in numbers of heavy people these days – mostly around the middle. This is a sure sign of the body clogging up from our diets and the bowel is ballooning inside the body, causing weight gain and obesity.

What would happen if you started to not only change the kind of food you eat, but also how you eat this food? It would only take subtle changes in some cases to garner large results.

Take the amount of food we eat at each meal as an example. Look at your plate and see how much food is going into your body at each sitting. The stomach has been stretched to a large cavity that needs to be filled at each meal. Even the restaurant servings are getting larger and larger. This amount of food may not only make the body heavier feeling, but it also makes the body (organ, glands, heart, etc) work very hard to try and digest this amount – if it can. Do you feel heavy and sluggish after a meal, and maybe need to take a nap?

The other thing we need to take a look at is the kind of food we eat and at what time of day we eat it. Why are we eating large, heavy meals later and later in the day, many times just before bed? This causes the body massive work trying to digest the meal when it is supposed to be resting and healing. The body cannot do this when it is fed such a heavy meal in the evenings. The best time for this kind of meal is at the lunch hour or midday, so the body has a chance to digest it before it goes to rest.

I assure you that when these changes are put into practice you will begin to feel lighter, more vital and will even begin to lose some of the weight you may not want to have on you.

It does not take much to change the body’s habits in order to begin to change your life. Consider what you are eating and how much you are eating as a starting point to some of the things you would like to change about your life. Diet changes are one of the easiest things to implement for both short and long term results and benefits.

Elyse Nuff S.T.,C,L.R.C.,N.H.P. is the authour of the book "Alive`n Raw”…As Nature Intended Live Raw Food Nutritionist, Teacher, Natural Health Practitioner, Healer, Researcher and Facilitator. She can be reached via phone, 250.220. 2099, or visit: