Dirk’s Rant

If we, the people, elect politicians to provide oversight for bureaucrats who are paid by our tax dollars why are we, the people, not the one’s to decide what, where and how land is developed?

Considering how complex our society is, why is city hall primarily set up to pander to the desires of developers?

Why do we continue to believe the lie that we need to keep growing and developing, growing and developing to get more tax dollars to grow and develop to get more tax dollars to pay for police, fire and hospitals to take care of the injured from the car accidents from growing and developing?

Why would we tear down a historic public building (the civic arena) in our most utilized, walked in and loved park and rather than at least retain it for public space if not create more, we offer it to a developer to pave paradise and put in a parking lot and a highrise!

Why is the Cable Bay Development being pushed by the very few and "negative billing” principles applied where the onus is put on the tax payer?

What do you think the wind will do to the Cable Bay eagle trees when the rest of the trees are cut down for a golf course, roads and houses? Has anyone asked the eagles what they think?

Does anyone know for sure how the Cable Bay development would affect the herring fishery which is already under much pressure; which supply food to the salmon and orcas, eagles, etc.?

Why do we make almost no connection between clear-cutting, mining, urban development and the loss of our salmon fishery?

Why, when only 6 percent of our food is grown on Vancouver Island, do we take farmland and install toxic lawns for the elite few to hit little white balls around?

Why is farmland being bought up by people from the city, having sold their house for a bucket of money, and then just having a big lawn with just one horse on it? When it should be producing food.

Who will pay (and how will we calculate) the loss of marine life from the toxic run-off from all these people’s herbicide- and pesticide-laden lawns and flowers?

Dirk Becker is a socio-economic, environmental, political activist and ardent feminist. His main passion in the last number of years has been using farming and food to encourage people to think about what the hell they’re doing.