Don’t Start Monday!

…Start NOW!

How many times have you found yourself mid-week bemoaning your extra weight, lack of a fitness program, or still smoking and have said to yourself "I’ll start fresh on Monday?” I know, most of you are familiar with what happens next. Over the next 3-5 days until "Monday,” any semblance of order goes out the window. You find yourself saying ‘why not’ as you order up seconds, binge on decadence, sitting on your duff and smoking an extra pack a day. Before you know it you are worse off than ever before and Monday is becoming more dreaded by the minute.

What exactly is it about "Monday” anyways? As a general rule, my husband doesn’t start things on Mondays. He feels it is a jinx to his success. I prefer to start NOW. The instant I decide to make a change. Why? Because it is in the instant you decide to make a change that you are feeling most passionate about it. Perhaps it’s because your doctor has delivered more bad news about your cholesterol. Or you can’t keep up with your kids at the park. Or maybe it’s that another friend has become diagnosed with Cancer. Whatever has prompted you to take action and make a change, whatever ignited that passion needs to stay lit; not doused by regression.

So take action NOW! You can take simple steps to make your life a healthy one. Why not spend Wednesday through Sunday to get ahead of the game and back on track? Just imagine…it’s Wednesday morning and your favorite pants just won’t button. Normally you would become frustrated and apathetic. But not this time (not since you read this great article in Synergy)! Instead of throwing in the towel and binging on McD’s and Pizza and forgetting that your gym exists, you decide to take action now and have a healthy lunch and email your gym buddy to re-establish your early morning routine. It’s only Wednesday; just think of where you’ll be on Monday if you take action now! You will have been to the gym two times and will have made healthy eating choices for 5 whole days! Not only that, you will have helped your gym buddy get back on the bandwagon as well! Instead of starting Monday with dread you can face the day with pride and encouragement that you are taking charge of your life and health. Way to go!

Start NOW! Take baby steps to empower your life and improve your health! Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life.

Gillian Goerzen is a provincially registered personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is a member of the North Ridge Fitness Team. Email: